Making Procedure


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 Wooden board or lumber for moai

 Wooden Rod or natural branch

 Rubber band

 Line (kite line,cotton,hemp,etc.)

 Wooden board and cork sheet for slope

Any material such as balsa wood or cork are also available for the board.

If you have a souvenir moai then you can also use it for walking moai like a picture that displayed on top page.



1.      Print Pattern sheet.

Cut left part of the sheet into a pattern


2. Cut a wooden board into moai following the pattern.

Thickness of the board is arbitrary

But the moai need to stand steadily.

You can also bond several thin boards.

Prepare three rods

The lengths of rods are approx.

3/4,1-3/4 and 1-3/4 of moaifs height 


3. Tie three rods tight each other using few rubber bands at each point.




4. Bind neck of moai and lateral rod with a line.

5. Knot each lower part of longitudinal rods with a line using Two Half Hitches.

Slide knots on the rods up or down then you can adjust width of walking step.


6. Bind lateral rod and moai through back and belly with a line.

7. Make a slope with a board and cork sheet covering.

Release the moai on the slope with adequate tilt then the moai starts to walk.

If the moai stops upright at first step then slide the longitudinal rods upward.

If the moai falls down forward then slide the longitudinal rods downward.

Each of left and right longitudinal rods needs to be same length.

Confirm that each rod touches the ground at one time when moai tilts forward.

These adjustments are very delicate.

Only 1/16 inch slide will change walking performance.

Donft bind Lines of Neck and back too tight or too loose.

When you use a souvenir moai for walking moai, attach a small piece of board to bottom of moai to be easy to tilt forward.



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