Paper Craft

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 Two 1000mL Milk packs

 Print paper

Two Wooden Rods diameter:6mm:length:35cm

One Wooden Rod diameter:6mm:length:15cm

 Rubber Bands

Cotton Line

  Wooden board and cork sheet for slope




1.       Down load Patterns.And print out them.





LHA version




2.       Cut out colored parts.

Attach front,right,left and back of Moai to Milk Pack


3.       Cut Milk Pack out following the Patterns.

Attach the rest of pattern to bottom of milk pack.



4..Unit the front and back to sides of Milk Pack. And Wrap the patterns to Milk Pack.

5..Let the shorter rod to the holes of Moai's shoulders. And bind three rods by Rubber Bnads.

Attach the cotton lines to front and back of Moai.

You can adjust the width of step by tightening or loosening the lines.

Release the moai on the slope with adequate tilt then the moai starts to walk.

If the moai stops upright at first step then slide the longitudinal rods upward.

If the moai falls down forward then slide the longitudinal rods downward.




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